School: What We’re Doing Now

For us school consists of reading, math and memory work. Other than that I have this smorgasbord of educational materials and toys that we can use during school, not during school, in the car, or take to church while I’m working. I wanted to share my smorgasbord. I recommend everything I’m including in this post.


Reading Lessons Through Literature: phonogram review everyday, 3 spelling words a week, copywork of his choice on non spelling days, 5 minutes a day.

Math: Miquon, Rays or playing with the rods: his choice, at least 3 times a week, 5-15 minutes.

Memory work: Bible verses, everyday, 2ish minutes.


Bible For Kids app from You Version (great retention)

Jesus Storybook Bible (sparks great conversations)

My ABC Bible Versus


20th Century Children’s Book Treasury (SL 3/4)

Harper Collins Treasury of Picture Book Classics (SL 3/4)

Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes (SL 3/4)


Cuisenaire Rods (huge recommendation!)

Developing The Early Learner


Classical Conversations Timeline Song (amazing resource!)


Geopuzzles (everyone should own this, my son’s political geography knowledge is beyond that of most adults)


Magic School Bus (available on YouTube)

Snap Circuits

Foreign Language:


Favorite books in Spanish


Since I’m church secretary I know what songs we’re going to sing in church and I teach him those with a YouTube playlist.

Daddy teaches piano on demand (Step by Step, the oooooooold version)


Art For Kids Hub (free)

Arttango (free)

The Big Yellow Drawing Book


Lincoln Logs

Magnatiles (they have played with these everyday for over a year)

Wooden train tracks



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