Grade School Decisions Finalized

I know it’s considered foolish to call anything “finalized” within your school, but I like having a picture of what I want in my head. So, here’s my picture.

I’ve decided to use My Father’s World for content subjects because I really like their philosophy, I can group my kids together, and it comes with a nice little planner that tells you what to do every day. They cover Bible, History, Geography, Science, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, and Art. They focus  on raising your kids to be citizens of the world (but not in a creepy UN way), so they incorporate World Geography and Missionary Studies into every year. Their stuff is a little light so we’re doing each course a year early; 1st in K, 2nd in 1st…

  • K-Bible History, Water & Plants, Instrument Study, Art
  • 1st-US History & Geography, Nature Study, Patriotic Songs & The Nutcracker, Art
  • 2nd-World Geography & Cultures including Music, Art, and Cuisine around the world with Zoology and Ecology
  • 3rd-Creation to the Greeks with Creation Science, Geography, Vivaldi, Bach & Handel, Art
  • 4th-Rome to Reformation with Astronomy & Anatomy, Geography, Haydn, Beethoven & Mozart, Art
  • 5th-Exploration to 1850 with Botany & Zoology, Geography, Schubert, Mendelssohn & Chopin, Art
  • 6th-1850 to Modern Times with Chemistry & Physics, Geography, Foster, Sousa & Gershwin, Art


Language Arts: I like the method of teaching Latin alongside English because Latin teaches English better than English does in some cases. Plus, it’s more fun.

Phonics(reading/spelling): Reading Lessons Through Literature.
Writing: English Lessons Through Literature followed by some sort of formal Rhetoric course, Technical Writing, Research Papers and other high school things that have yet to be determined.
Latin: Latin from Classical Academic Press
Literature & Poetry: Selections will be taken from Ambleside Online because their compilation looks FANTASTIC. I will start formal Literature courses in 7thish grade, depending on which program I choose. I like A Beka, For Such A Time As This, and Memoria Press’ Omnibus. I will be getting each of my kids a Kindle once they’re mature enough because most books I really want them to read are free.
MathRay’s Arithmetic series. These have a huge focus on mental math which nothing today can compare to. I’m not picking a higher math program for them until I know their learning styles.

Also: Piano with Dad, P.E as a family, and Greek.


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