My Favorite Educational Philosophies

All Subjects:

Short lessons & Narration.

Students are to design their own books about what they’ve learned.

A biblical worldview taught throughout all subject areas.


Not to be dumbed down or skipped through.

Memorize and recite regularly.


Teach with living books & in chronological order.

History & Geography taught simultaneously with Art & Music Appreciation taught within historical timelines.

An understanding of History, its effects, and the reasons behind it takes precedence over the memorization of historical data.


Nature Study with notebooking & art journaling.

Living books are a must.

Language Arts:

A focus on Greek & Latin.

Poetry, Shakespeare & great literature to be read and memorized.

Utilizing classic texts to teach a biblical worldview.


A firm understanding of why.

Manipulatives, games & living books.

A combination of the mastery and spiral approach.

An emphasis on mental math.

The Arts:

Handicrafts over macaroni art.

Multiple instruments should be taught.

Drama & Dance should also be emphasized.

Allow for the freedom of expression.


Multiple languages should be taught.

Regularly listen to & read other languages.


A focus on Logic & Socratic Discussion.

No electronics, internet, computers, calculators etc. for younger students.

These ideas are taken from Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, Waldorf, as well as some of my own ramblings.


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